Status:    Concept        Background   For the better part of the last decade, "sharing" has become the de-facto way in which we share our thoughts and opinions about what we watch, see, and read. That being said, I'm not crazy about publicly sharing things I want to talk about, but instead enjoy sending links to friends with whom I most want to discuss. What I realized after doing this for a long time is that many of my friends frequent the same sites I do, and will thus view the same content I view without my sending them the link. I came to the conclusion that although not everything is worth sharing- publicly or through messaged links- quite a bit is worth talking about with people whose opinions matter to you.   Description   Groops allows you create communities of friends who read the same stuff. A chat box appears at the bottom right corner of content on specified sites, letting you know who has read an article article and allowing you to initiate conversations right on the page. Through use of a browser extension, Groops notifies users when a conversation has been initiated and links them back to the content where discussion is taking place.
    A small, unintrusive box at the bottom right of the browser window displays profile pictures for group participants, along with the group name, functionality to choose a different group, and a minimization button. Friends who have visited the current page have profile pictures in color with a blue border surrounding them. Initially, I felt the profile pictures being in color was enough differentiation, but I realized my artsier friends might use a grayscale profile picture, so I added the blue border as a safeguard against that.   
    Clicking a friend's profile picture selects him or her (indicated with a blue overlay), and makes visible the chat initiation button. By having the button appear when a friend is selected, rather than opening a chat window immediately, the user understands that more than one friend can be selected before initiating discussion.
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