Interactive interface demo available at     IMPORTANT UPDATE  (12/11/15) :  This concept has been totally revamped and is in development! Check out the new design  here !       Role   Head of project and design in a team of 4   Background   The process of finding somewhere to eat or something to do with friends or family can be involved, time-consuming, and often irritating. By distilling the decision-making process down to its most fundamental parts (which everyone can agree on), Rive acts as a third party for making the perfect decision on restaurants and recreation.   Description   Rive helps you find great places to eat, snack, hike, or relax. The magic lies in Rive's focus on taking the idea of a "suggestion" to the next level by directing the user to the perfect place automatically. By leveraging existing Location and Places API, Rive navigates the user to a location guaranteed to be high in quality, but  does not tell the user what exactly the destination is until arrival!   The user is first greeted with a screen prompting a selection between "eat" and "do." From here, three further selections are prompted:  Type (snack or meal? / active or relaxed?)  Price (cheaper or a bit pricier?)  Distance (nearby or a bit further?)  Rather than make a suggestion, Rive finds the perfect place based on these criteria and navigates the user to the destination. 
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