Update: Yelp has since updated its mobile application to resolve many of the shortcomings detailed here. That being said, the service could still use a visual tune-up, so I'll keep this here as an example of how I feel it could be improved.   I have a love/hate relationship with Yelp. In my experience, it has the most complete places database, and its quantity of customer reviews is second to none. Visually and functionally, however, I've always felt like Yelp is something of a jumbled mess. With that in mind, I set out to see if I could mock up a simpler, more visually appealing Yelp that I would love to use.      The Main Screen   Yelp's current main screen features a search bar at the top, along with a dominating grid of secondary functions that don't make much sense for an application whose core functionality is based on finding places. In my experience, Yelp is most useful in its location-based recommendations and its search function.  With these thoughts in mind, I placed the search bar in a more front-and-center location, moved secondary functions to an easily accessible drawer on the left, and introduced a new function that uses location and previous search history to recommend great nearby options. This function is visible under the main interface, and by teasing the user with photos of the food, it entices a pull up from the bottom shade to see what's below.
     The Drawer   Active Yelp users take advantage of these functions and need them to be easily accessible. The drawer pops in and magnifies the icons, adds labels, and pushes away the main screen shade to bring full focus on these functions.
     Recommendations   Quick recommendations reside just under the main screen. A large tag at the bottom of the main screen can be swiped upward (as indicated by the arrow) to reveal general recommendations based on previous activity and locations. It's similar to the "Nearby" function, but takes personal taste and history into account and displays listings with large photos to make it as easy as possible for the user to find something perfect nearby.
     Search   Search has been revamped to make photos a primary focus, while keeping important information as accessible as ever. This allows users to make an educated choice based on a combination of visual and data-driven factors.
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